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Emerging technologies like AI and Web3 will fundamentally change how we think about, design & deliver learning experiences.

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About Me

Hey 👋 — I’m Phil, creator of the DOMS™️ Learning Design Engine & the designer behind some of the most successful technology-enhanced learning experiences in the world.

I've spent 20+ years researching learning design at universities like Cambridge & Harvard.

Along the way, I’ve designed dozens of game-changing experiences for some of the world’s best known brands & institutions.

TL;DR I know how to design learning experiences which make learners’ brains light up. I'm on a mission to empower everyone to design like the world's best learning designer - join me!

Happy designing 👋

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LinkedIn Top Voice: AI & Education, TEDX Speaker, Creator of the DOMS™️, Affiliated scholar at Cambridge University & former Chief Learning Officer. I talk about the intersection between human and machine learning (aka AI).